Apple iPhone 8 most anticipated smartphone

Almost one and half month remaining when most anticipated Apple smartphone iPhone 8 will become official on mid-September 2017. Alongside ‘Augmented’ reality is the  Most awaiting feature for the iPhone 8.

Almost two months before Apple has already announced its more advanced new iOS 11 with new possibility and where you will experience a completely different and attractive GUI(Graphic user interface) with newly Designed ‘AppStore’. While iOS 11 beta1, 2 and 3 all versions are currently available for your device.

The company main motive to launch the beta version to make a software bug free and helps to know that what features is exactly required by the user and what not. so, currently, iOS 11 developers are working hard to get ready for the launch of iOS 11 on time. At the same time, a huge amount of rumors and leaks have already popped up over the internet world. Where some tech sources are claiming about its design and others are talking about its features and more so, everyone has its own perception of Apple next generation smartphone iPhone 8.

And Now, something cool or new is coming out for iPhone 8 camera. Where the camera has been given a name “Smart Camera”, The camera will also work according to its name. Like iPhone 8 camera feature will allow to adjust the settings automatically under the different variety of scenarios- such as when getting a picture of pets, babies,  fast motion thing, low-light scenes, sunset & sunrise, and printed documents as well.

On the other side, the infrared facial recognition will be used in Apple Pay too. and the device will also support the wireless fast charging. While Apple is currently using this inductive charging to the Apple Watch.

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